The Dr. B(ogus) Bernstein Diet

I’ve seen the commercials for “medically supervised weight-loss” and like all weight-loss programs was skeptical of what this particular diet can achieve so I did a little research.

Dr. Bernstein is a medical doctor, but he certainly doesn’t do his profession any favours by touting the rapid result associated with his program – in fact the website shares “success” stories of those how have lost upwards of 80 pounds in as little as 4 months.

Sounds too good to be true…and it is!

The Bernstein diet works by drastically limiting caloric intake – for example, a 5’5 woman who would normally consume around 1800 calories a day would be limited to 600.  Carbohydrates are eliminated from the diet, as are high fat proteins.  Subjects eat extremely lean proteins and vegetables – and the pounds shed very quickly.

This is because without consuming carbohydrates, the body turns muscle glycogen for energy (basically, carbohydrates that are stored in the muscle).  Each gram of glycogen burned, in turn, causes 4 grams of water to be lost as well.  So, 80% of the “weight-loss” comes from water….your muscles shrink…and your body shrinks in turn.  To keep vitamin, mineral, and energy levels up the Bernstein clinic administers shots.

The diet eliminates an extremely important nutrient that we need for energy and balance within our bodies.

Of course the results are encouraging, but the diet is not a way of living and doesn’t provide a lifestyle that is easy for users to continue longterm.

Dr. B Bernstein could take a lesson or two in Nutritional Quackery.


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