Breaking the Fast: 3 Part Series

This smart cat would rather eat a cactus than skip breakfast!

We are hounded from the time of childhood about the importance of breakfast but here are a few convincing scientific reasons why you should believe the hype:

– Data from The Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (US based) concluded that people who eat a grain based breakfast have a considerably lower BMI than those who skip breakfast.

– Authors from a study conducted by the University of Minnesota determined that for teenagers, there is an inverse relationship between the frequency of breakfast throughout the week and BMI.  Meaning, the more frequent breakfast eating is, the lower the BMI tends to be.

– A 2008 study conducted by researches at The Centre for Neurosciences and Learning found that high school students that ate breakfast reported improved congnitive functions such as visuospatial memory, alterness, and a general feeling of positive wellbeing – this compared to students who fasted through the morning.

Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at why eating a poor breakfast (or skipping completely) makes you feel like crap and on Friday we’ll examine some easy, healthy, and fast breakfast options.


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