Breaking the Fast: 3 Part Series

The final reveal!  For those of you who haven’t been following the past few posts, here is what you miss:  eating a healthy breakfast will make you feel good, think well, and continue a cycle of good eating throught the day.

Here are some good options to kick off your day along with product suggestions and recipes to boot.

1.)  LOW SUGAR HIGH FIBER CEREAL!  You can have cereal but not the kind that is full of sugar because that will work against you later in the morning when you start to crash and crave more sugar.  In class last night, my teacher who is a dietician suggested Fiber 1 cereals.  I tried out the Honey Cluster Fiber 1 this morning and it has 13 grams of fiber which is 52% of your daily requirement!  Top it with fruit and you’re good to go.  High fiber is anything over 6 grams btw.

2.)  WHOLE GRAIN TOAST WITH PEANUT BUTTER/ALMOND BUTTER & FRUIT on the side.  2 pieces of toast should be good along with at least a half cup of fruit.

3.)  PANCAKES & FRUIT but not from a pre-made mix.  Click here ( for some of my favourite recipes including oatmeal, banana flax seed, and buttermilk.

4.)  SCRAMBLED EGGS W/ SALSA AND WHOLE GRAIN TOAST.  This provides a nice kick of protein and fiber and will keep you full for a few hours.  Have some fruit on the side.

5.)  HOMEMADE GRANOLA WITH YOGURT & FRUIT.  The yogurt provides protein and a good boost of calcium while the fruit and granola are excellent complex carbs loaded with fiber.  Try 1% or less plain yogurt and if you find it too bland you can add a tsp of honey.  Click here( for a recipe.

6.)  FRUIT SMOOTHIE.  It has to have a good balance of yogurt, fruit, and milk in order to avoid a huge sugar spike.  This is a good one to bring with you on the go.  Check here ( for a recipe.

7.)  HOMEMADE MUFFIN & FRUIT.  Your muffins should be made whole whole wheat, seeds, and nuts if possible.  Pack this in your bag with a banana and you’ve got a breakfast to go.

8.)  HOMEMADE MUELSLI.  I could live off this stuff and it’s packed with nutrients and good for people on the go – pack this in a tupperware and you’re off.   Check here for a recipe.(

9.)  FRENCH TOAST & FRUIT.  Make sure you use a whole grain bread and limit your syrup to a tablespoon or two.  Top with strawberries or blueberries.

10.)  VEGGIE OMELET.  This provides a nice balance of protein and you can get a least one serving of veggies into your diet right off the bat.  If you can add a serving of fruit on the side it would be great.


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