Eating Out Without Busting Out (of your clothes)

We all have to eat out at times and chances are you’re faced with a food court full of options – so, what to choose?

Here are some Health Junction tips on how to make eating out a health success.

1.)  If you know in advance that you’ll be eating out, go online and check the menu to see what your options are.  It’s easier to plan a healthy meal when you’re not hungry.  I was just checking the Tim Hortons website and they actually have healthy meal suggestions with 3 grams of fat or less.

In general: skip the bacon, mind the cheese, go easy on the salad dressing, watch your fat, and try to select higher fiber meals.

Check out the sodium content.  Our daily limit is 2300 mg and a ham and swiss cheese sandwich from Tim Hortons has 1450 mg’s!  The egg salad sandwich would be a better option with 760 mgs.

2.)  Better meat options would be lean meat such as skinless chicken and fish.

3.)  Cutting down on fat is easier when food is prepared by broiling, baking, poaching, or grilling.

4.)  Portion sizes in restaurants are usually huge.  Someone told me this tip a while ago and I love it.  Divide you plate into two – eat half and take the other home with you.

5.) Choose vegetables as your side if given the option.  In general, for all meals half your plate should consist of vegetables/fruit.

6.) Choose whole grain carb options; whole grain rolls, brown rice, a potato with the skin on.

Here are some good options for breakfast, lunch, and supper at Tim Hortons:

Breakfast:  English Muffin w/ Egg and Cheese, Mixed Berry Oatmeal (has a bit of sugar so limit this to a special treat).

Lunch/Supper:  Minestrone Soup with an 12 grain bagel, Everything Bagel w/ light plain cream cheese.

Skip the muffins – they all have over 25 grams of sugar per serving.

If you really want a donut btw, the best choice would be chocolate or maple dip.


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