ALERT: The One Vitamin You Can’t Live Without

I was recently reading about vitamins and there was a special one outlined in the textbook that caught my attention.

More interesting than any other vitamin or mineral I’ve ever read about before, this one made first made me laugh, then I rolled my eyes…and then I kept reading.  By the end, I was a believer and am now taking daily supplements in VERY high doses.

Vitamin “L” stands for Love and according to literature (Staying Healthy With Nutrition by Elson M. Hass, MD) “it is a vital human emotion, expression, and experience necessary for optimal functioning of people and all of their cells tissues, and organs”.

The more I thought about optimal health, the more I realised that no matter how physically healthy someone is, if they don’t feel loved they don’t feel happy.  Not being happy precludes general wellbeing doesn’t it??

Imagine a world without someone special (props to El Branno), cats, dogs, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, nanas, granddads, friends, neighbours, co-workers, kind strangers, nieces, and nephews?  The very thought of not having those people makes me glum.

Feeling love makes us happy and energized and can cure sadness and feelings of depression.  According to Haas other symptoms such as; anger, fear, worry, pain, and stress can also be treated with Vitamin L.

Apparently, “hug experts advise a minimum of 4 hugs a day, 6 for maintenance, and 10 for growth”.

Before you hit the gym, eat a giant salad, and blend flax seeds into your smoothie consider getting and giving some love today.  Walk a dog, pet a cat, give your special someone a squeeze, mow your neighbours lawn, and be patient on your daily commute.


3 thoughts on “ALERT: The One Vitamin You Can’t Live Without

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