Book Review: Eat Right For Your Type

Commonly referred to as The Bloody Type Diet, Eat Right For Your Type has sold over 7 million copies and made the prestigious New York Times bestseller list.  It’s written by a Nautropathic Doctor, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo,

For those of you who haven’t read the book, D’Adamo’s theory is based on the idea that blood type can influence the way food is tolerated.  Lectins are proteins found in many foods and are blood type specific – so for example, those with an O blood type are sometimes less likely to tolerate the type of lectins found in grains and the result is an increased inflammatory reaction.  Inflammation can look very different depending on the person but some examples include; sticky blood, damage of intestinal microvilli, insulin resistance and increased body fat storage, and the slow absorption of other foods.

Critics of the book say that D’Adamo’s logic is flawed and while the science behind their argument is too convoluted to get into it centers around the lack of consideration into the impact of DNA and the passing along of genes.

I found it an interesting read and at the very least, forced me to call my mum and ask her what blood type I am!

A summary of D’Adamo’s recommendations are listed below:

O Type

Eat organic meats, avoid grains, and exercise frequently and with intensity.

A Type

Eat a vegetarian diet with light exercise and meditation to reduce stress.

B Type

Eat a varied diet with meat and dairy.  excercise moderately.

AB Type

Small portions of meat are good but avoid beef, chicken, and pork.  Exercise moderately.



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