On the road again…stay healthy while traveling

Eating healthy while on the road isn’t an easy thing to accomplish but can definitely be achieved with some planning.  It’s pretty common to return home after a trip feeling sluggish, sleepy, and bloated – here are some tips to help you avoid those pesky symptoms.

1.)  Bring your own snacks.  When I travel, I try to bring a trail mix with pumpkin seeds, dates, pecans/almonds, and pistachios.  Pack it in a plastic ziplock and squeeze it in your backpack or purse.  Homemade muffins, Cliffbars, and of course fruit are other ideas.

2.)  Stay on a healthy eating schedule.  Eat breakfast!  Most hotels have a coffee pot so you can get some hot water and mix it with instant oatmeal.  Top it off with some fruit and nuts.

3.) Research healthy restaurants in advance.  As a general rule, vegetarian places offer a healthy array of nutrient dense foods that will keep you feeling and looking great.

4.)  Choose smart meals.  When eating out, choose lean proteins such as chicken, beans, and fish alongside salads, steamed veggies, and complex carbohydrates.  Bring half of your meal back to your hotel and ask the staff to store it for you – maybe you can eat the rest of it for lunch the next day.

5.)  Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee especially on the plane and make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water frequently.

6.)  Run. It’s the most versatile way of exercising when you don’t have a gym nearby and it’s also a fun way of exploring the place you’re visiting.

7.)  Get a good night’s sleep before you leave and while you’re on the road.  It’ll help keep your blood sugar levels stable and prevent cravings.

8.)  Take a multivitamin.  While traveling, we often get run down and are more susceptible to picking up bugs.  By getting enough sleep and taking a multivitamin you can give your body a crutch to lean on.

9.)  Fiber is your friend.  Arg, how many of you have had a rotten bout of constipation while on a trip?  A change in schedule can often bring on intestinal distress causing constipation which is really not fun.  By ensuring you get enough water and fiber you will be helping your digestive system big time.  You can get fiber from fruit, veggies, and whole grains.  If you’re in a real bind (pardon the pun) you can mix two teaspoons of milled flax seeds in a glass of water and drink that followed by lots of water for the rest of the day.  Water is the key to keeping things moving.

10.)  Bring wet wipes. Think about how many people have used the washroom and walked out without washing their hands.  Gross.  Stay germ free with these bad boys that are a travel staple!


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