Mayday! Getting Back on Track Post Vacation

Deep Cove Vancouver

The Health Junction took a wonderful trip to the wild wild west and spent time enjoying lovely British Columbia.  Branno and I straight up relaxed in between super fun activities like cycling, kayaking, hiking, running, walking…but mostly sitting around and chilling.

Straight Up Relaxation

The parasympathetic nervous system has taken over and given The H Junction a chance to “reset” and prepare for a busy start of the school year.  While my nervous system has been pampered to the max, the rest of my body systems may be going through a bit of a crisis after deviating from my typical diet, training routine, and daily schedule.  If you’re anything like me, getting back on track after a long vacation can be a challenge but here are a few simple strategies to get rebalanced in no time.

Booze Free Zone

1.)  Banish The Booze … for a few days at least.  It’s an easy way to cut calories and sharpen your mind.

Feed Your Fridge

2.)  Feed Your Fridge with healthy and appealing foods with which to make snacks and main meals.  The day you get home, go grab a few days worth of food so that you can start off on the right foot and nourish your mind and body.

Image provided by David Cooper.

3.)  Be Inspired by new things you may have tried out on vacation.  For me, I quite enjoyed running more and the long hikes/walks which I didn’t really do before.  Keep up your new activities because variety in exercise is the key to making it an enjoyable part of your everyday routine and eliminates bordum.  Maybe you tried tap dancing and loved it?  Tap on!

Fruits and Vegetables Are Classy

4.) F Plus V is good for you and me.  Fruits and veggies are so nourishing and help cleanse your entire digestive system.  They are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and are psychologically energizing.  Lots of salads and fruit do the trick after a long vacation.

Debbie Downer

5.)  Don’t be a Debbie Downer.  The whole reason we take vacations is to relax and recharge.  If you ccome back and go full throttle the mind-body benefits of taking a break in the first place will be shortlived.  Ease up killjoy!  Move slowly into your schedule and don’t try to do too much too quickly.  Get out there an exercise but you don’t need to do a 2 hour work out your first day back.  Instead of eliminating all sugars and carbs, just try to eat with a balanced approach.  The more realistic you are, the more sustainable the longterm changes will be.

This post is dedicated to Janet and Steve who introduced me to kayaking and the term Mayday.  Namaste!


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