Feeling a little hungover?

Hopefully this Sunday morning you don’t feel hungover – but if you do, it’s probably from one of the following reactions in the body:

1.)  Booze blocks an antidiuretic hormone called vasopressin which causes the kidney’s to expel water instead of absorbing it as occurs when there is no alcohol in our system.  With urine, sodium and potassium are also excreted and this can lead to headaches, feeling extra tried, and nauseous.

2.) To rehydrated the next day, water is pulled from the brain which causes the brain to shrink.  The reduction in size results in the brain being pulled further from the skull – hence that nasty headache.

3.) Energy that is stored in the liver in the form of glycogen is broken down when we drink and eliminated via urine.  This can leave us feeling drained and “out of it” the next day.

If you had an extra fun night last night, check out this article by Lacy Perry from “HowStuffWorks.com” to read about hangover cures!


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