Monday Morning Roundup (athletes at work edition)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend – not too many of these warm days left before winter hits.

As I was sifting through different sites for interesting stories related to health and nutrition I was continually drawn to pieces on extreme sports – so that is the theme of this week’s roundup.  I hope these stories help motivate you to move your body and exercise your mind this coming week!

This video, entitled Flight of the Frenchies is featured on the website and will make you want to go on a run, or swim, or something that gets your heart rate up.  The subjects of the short film showcase a new extreme sort of sport that involves tightrope walking and base jumping.  That in itself is amazing – but if you look at where they are jumping from it’s pretty obvious that to hike and walk to those heights in itself requires extreme fitness and mental discipline.

Thank you to Rosie Schwartz for sharing this article originally published on CTV’s website which is about Canadian Triathlete Paula Findlay.  You may remember she came in last in the women’s triathlon event at this summer’s London Olympics but has previously preformed very well and Canada had high hopes for a medal.  Find out what nutritional deficiency caused disastrous results here.  Regardless of coming in last, Paula finished a painful race which is a tribute to her character – she’s an inspiration!

If you’re looking for something to do on a long weekend off the coast of France (ha ha), check out this article from Divine Caroline called Seven Swims That Will Leave You Breathless.  Author Brie Cadman details 7 long distance swims to knock off your bucket list!

Michelle Obama is one fit first lady – perhaps it is from all the hula hooping she does?  This video was compiled at Burning Man, an arts festival held in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  I thought this was worth posting because it features some unlikely athletes in an event that is fun and cardio inducing but doesn’t require running shoes or lululemon pants.  You’ll see what I mean:)  Depending on where you work, might be NSFW.

This article 12 Guy Trips That Will Change Your Life is from Sky Today but gals will like it too.  Detailed are some wild trips that will satisfy your travel bug and inner fitness enthusiast – try volcano camping in Guatamala, kayaking with whales, and saving the Amazon.


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