Monday Morning Roundup

Happy Monday!  Here are some quick tidbits to kick you off your week!

Leave your car at home and discover the true joy of cycling as a form of commuting.  Of course with bikes come tune ups.  Check out Bitrot, a Danish site, for the ABC’s of keeping you bike safe and strudy.

As the winter months quickly approach, keeping seratonin levels up and ample is something to keep in mind.  This article from The Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience how to increase seratonin without the use of drugs.

Cholesterol gets a bad wrap, but there are different types and there is one that is actually good for you.  Check out this story in Extreme Longevity on why high HDL cholesterol is a predictor of living long.

The by Margaret Wente in Saturday’s Globe and Mail really ticked me off.  Check out “Surprise!  A little fat is good for you” which in my opinion really misses the boat on the correlation between high BMI and poor health.  In it, Wente states “There’s no solid evidence that processed foods, lack of exercise, TV, video games, or any of the other usual suspects are to blame” – misleading, ridiculous, and untrue.  Shame on you Globe and Mail!

Before you get upset that the summer is over, read this story in The Huffington Post on 7 Reasons Why Autumn is Good For You.  Warning:  this will leave you wanting to curl up with a piece of apple crisp and a warm cup of tea.


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