Monday Morning Roundup: The “Real” Cause of High Cholesterol, Your Prostate, and Smoking Ban Expansion

The best in health and nutrition news from the past week…enjoy!

A “groundbreaking” new study presented at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress points concludes what we’ve known for a long time; statin medication is ineffective in 40% of patients and 2.) maintaining a healthy weight is of the utmost importance in preventing high cholesterol.  Researchers found a specific protein called resistin that increases LDL “Bad” cholesterol – something they think is fantastic.  Why?  Because now they can work on ways of blocking this resistin which might make statin drugs work better.  Yep, that’s logical.  Let’s fund a new drug that helps make an existing drug work more effectively.  That sure makes more sense to me than allocating more money to health promotion and providing people with the everyday tools needed to learn heathy habits.

It’s Movember and the premiere of Saskatchewan is growing a ‘stache.  November is the month for prostate cancer awareness.  Click here to get the 411 on all things prostate.

My friend Mirkka sent me this e-card and I LOVE IT!  I would love to give away omega-3 capsules for Halloween – but here are some cool healthy Halloween treats you can make instead!

Now, what do you think about this one?  Toronto Public Health wants to expand on the area’s where smoking is prohibited from restaurants to bus shelters, public squares, hospital grounds, sports fields, entrances to buildings, and patios.  TPH states that this would cut down on second-hand smoke and “discourage young people from taking up smoking by eliminating situations in which it’s seen as socially acceptable”.  I’m in favour, what about you?

Have you heard of Bariatric Surgery?  It’s a type of procedure that reduces the size of the stomach in order to help people who struggle with weight loss establish a healthy BMI.  This article published in the The Telegraph claims baratric surgery is a quick fix and likened it to breast enhancement surgery.  Proponents of the surgery say it saves lives by helping reduce risk for heart attack and other weight related diseases.  It’s definitely an interesting debate….

THE DAILY DL (Dalai Lama):

“Open your arms to change but don’t let go of your values.” 

– Dalai Lama XIV


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