Why resolutions don’t work…

Woah.  It’s been a debaucherous past month and after a bout of the flu, I’m starting to feel back to normal.  Normal, but not optimal which is something I resolved to correct a few days ago.

New Year's Resolutions

Then I read something that made a lot of sense.  It said that resolutions are more of a statement than a goal and that is much easier to continue a certain behaviour because by doing so our needs are being met.  For example, by resolving to go to bed earlier, I would need to consider the benefits I am obtaining from going to bed late.

cost vs. benefits

Perhaps I can watch more TV, have more time to myself, etc.  If I’m serious about going to bed earlier I must be realistic with the payoff.  I’ll be more awake and have more energy but I won’t be able to watch my favourite show.  You need to be happy with the balance you find for you goal to work.


Back when I started my studies in Nutrition, I took a course about the social determinants of health, that is, things that affect the outcome of a person as related to the variables shown above  .  Regardless of an individual’s health status, in counseling people on making health improvements, the SMART goal model was introduced as an effective way of turning a desired outcome into reality.


My resolution was to “get back on track” which is a little broad.  To make it more SPECIFIC, I want to make sure I get at least 8 servings of vegetables a day.  I’m going to do this by having a morning smoothie, a morning snack of hummus and cut of veggies (2 servings), a salad at lunch (2 servings), and another salad at supper (2 servings).

reasons to eat veggies

This breakdown plan is MEASURABLE and adds up to 8 servings a day.  I have the money, time, and resources to make and plan my meals in order to ATTAIN this goal.  This plan of increasing my vegetable intake is RELEVANT to me getting back on track by increasing the amount of important nutrients that will enhance my energy level and vitality.  I’ll try this for the next week and reassess to see if any changes to my goal need to be made.

What’s your 2014 SMART goal?

THE DAILY DL (Dalai Lama):

“I have to be realistic about what I can and can’t do. So whatever I do has to really be worth it. I like to master the things I do.”

– Queen Latifah


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