I look forward to working with you on any health concerns as they relate to nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle counselling.  For details on the types of services offered, please hover on the service menu and select what interests you from the drop down list.

For more information on both the scope of practice and code of ethics expected of a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, read below.

Scope of Practice of a R.H.N. Registered Holistic Nutritionist™

1. Acknowledgement that each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.

2. Awareness of the meaning of holistic nutrition, the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit, and the importance of addressing these interactive factors which are unique to each individual.

3. Promotion of whole, locally grown and organic foods; sustainable farming practices; and the necessity of living in a non-toxic environment.

4. Understanding that prevention and self-responsibility are fundamental to any successful health care program.

5. Recognition that supplementation is not a substitute for wholesome, nutritious foods but that it may be helpful in recommended form, dose and frequency.

6. Respect for clients, their wellness goals, and for their personal tastes, morals, social, and life values.

7. Acceptance of the unique contribution of other health care providers, and the need to work co-operatively with them regardless of their discipline, holistic or allopathic.

Code of Ethics   

1.)  Maintain an interest in the well-being of all human beings, regardless of   colour, creed or nationality, and in the care of planet Earth;

2.)  Respect the right of his/her client as an individual in all respects, as to   personal tastes, morals and social values;

3.)  Be non-judgmental as to the life values and experiences of the client;

4.)  Treat the client, under all circumstances, with due concern for the dignity   of the individual;

5.)  Respect the confidential nature of his/her relationship with the client and   protect the confidentiality of assessments and recorded documents;

6.)  Guide and counsel his/her client in the best way possible to achieve optimal health   through natural nutrition, but always respecting the right and need for the   client to make the final decision in all wellness plans;

7.)  Teach the client to accept responsibility for his/her own health choices and   actions;

8.)  Accept full responsibility for the consequences of his/her own actions;

9.)  Provide professional services only in those areas in which he/she has   competence and training;

10.)  Recognize the need to work co-operatively with other disciplines, holistic   or allopathic, to best serve the client’s need, respecting the unique   contribution of each discipline;

11.)  Respect differences of opinion and exercise tact and diplomacy in   interpersonal relationships;

12.)  Resolve to improve and maintain his/her professional competence in the field   of natural nutrition and holistic health care.


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