Corporate Wellness Seminars

Corporate Seminars

As a former office employee I can attest to the fact that how we feel definitely impacts how productive we are at work.  By ensuring that your employees are eating well and enjoying a balanced lifestyle, you will improve not only workplace satisfaction but also your bottom line.  Give your employees the tools they need live a happy and balanced life by embracing healthful food choices and ways of stimulating both their mind and body.  I would love to come speak at your workplace on any of the following topics:

  • Eating for Improved Energy
  • Meal Planning For Busy Families
  • Nutrition for Women’s Health
  • Building Strong Immunity Through Nutrition
  • Balancing Blood Sugar For Optimal Health
  • Whole Foods 101
  • Food For Mental Clarity
  • Sports Nutrition for the Weekend and Competitive Athlete
  • Nutrition For Stress and Fatigue

Formats Include:

  • Lunch & Learns
  • 1/2 Day Interactive Seminars
  • Individual Employee Consultations

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